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The Shawarma Guys serve delicious shawarmas and grilled specials at their two locations, and through catering services. Our traditional menu maintains the distinct taste of naturalness, offering you a unique and personalised service - Organised, on-time, flexible and affordable.

The Shawarma Guys offer Catering on Premises (Full Service) and Drop-off Catering Services. You may also visit us at our two locations in Johannesburg: Our Restaurant at Silverstar Casino, and our stall at the Riversands Farm Village Market.


good-food-ivon-guidelines-we-live-by.svgGood Food

We keep it fresh! We only produce the highest quality shawarmas and grilled goodies, prepared in ways that only we can boast specific to our culinary experience, expertise, and passion for our business. The freshest ingredients around are important to anyone looking to deliver the best food.

customer-service-guidelines-we-live-by.svgCustomer Service

It goes without saying - Customer service is important to the success of our business. We want to make our customers feel like they are your guest and not just another face. We specialise in fantastic customer service, we are not happy unless you are 100% satisfied with every second of your experience with us.

fun-guidelines-we-live-by.svgHaving Fun

Who says that running a catering service can’t be fun? We sure don’t. We love what we do and we love our guests - It is never too hard to find a welcome smile and a good joke to go along with your meal. If you can find a  friendlier catering company in Johannesburg, we’ll toss in an extra smile for free!

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