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Our Shawarmas are Special

Our Story

The story of The Shawarma Guys (TSG) is a story of resilience and determination to create the best meals for its clients, who are referred to as “family”.

Established on the 1st of February 2016 with nothing but R1,000 in their pockets, Mr Fiesta and Mr Never embarked on a journey to change the catering landscape in Africa through creating the healthiest Shawarma and meals using nothing but love and fresh ingredients.

Our Shawarmas -also known as Shuvarmas or Schwarmas- are made with Grade A pita breads freshly ordered from our suppliers, vegetables that are locally grown and topped up with mouth-watering choices of meat (beef, chicken and lamb). Are you a vegetarian? do not worry, for we make the best falafel in the world.

It should be greatly noted that all our meat is grilled and no excessive oil is used on the meat to ensure that our healthy meal standards are kept, world class.

All in all, what makes our Shawarmas Special? They are made out of love, with healthy ingredients and made by a team that is determined to put a smile to its family members… our treasured clients.

Our Service Offerring

The Shawarma Guys (TSG) caters breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks requests. We can also prepare party-sized food packages and deliver to the requested site and time of delivery. TSG can provide the full catering service for up to 500 attendees. Our clientele is mostly Gauteng-based, but we are growing rapidly, as we have spread our wings to other provinces like Mpumalanga.

To complement our catering services for special occasions such as weddings, or parties, TSG counts with a set of preferred partners to refer the client to, including event photographers, MC, sound system, venue and physical arrangements, etc.

The manpower required for working for the food and other tasks that are integral to the catering will be the sole responsibility of TSG catering in providing and managing the staff. The menu provided by the business has a wide selection of entrées of beef, pork, chicken, seafood, vegetables, pasta, sandwiches, appetizers, desserts, salads, and drinks. It will also be the responsibility of The Shawarma Guys to ensure the freshness and quality of the food that is served.

Our Roots

The food-service industry was only known for restaurant-grade food services in the past. In recent decades, the food industry grew from small home-based food businesses to wide variety of food-service approaches.

Catering service is one category of food-service industry that is becoming popular nowadays. Not only restaurants and other large food entrepreneurs can provide catering services but also home-grown cooks could yield catering deals in which they plan and prepare for the food cater on-site.

Food service provided for an event in a certain location either on food markets, hotels, function halls, offices, clubhouses, or even at home is called “Catering Service”. It includes but not limited to preparation of food and beverages, organization of the venue, serving of the food and beverages, and packed meals preparation and delivery.

The Shawarma Guys has made its reputation as popular as restaurants that provide catering services, on-site catering, events and food markets. This allows us to provide fresher, bolder, and modifiable deals and product offers. This is because we can also provide our services at any given place and location within their scope area compared to other restaurants that accept catering if the event will be held in their restaurants only.

The Shawarma Guys' Facts

  • Our company was founded on the 1st of February 2016 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • We are a B-BEE Level 1 Business.
  • Our specialties: On-Site and Drop-off Catering for Weddings, Corporate Functions as well as Private Catering for Birthdays and Parties.
  • Our flavours: Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Falafel Shawarmas.
  • The Shawarma Guys is run by 2 Directors: Never Mabwe and Fiesta Phiri.
  • The Shawarma Guys currently employs 15 people.
  • We are rapidly growing and have Food Stalls around Johannesburg, currently at the Riversands Farm Village Market, Friday 9AM-4PM, Saturday 9AM-5PM, Sunday 9AM-4PM.


To provide the highest quality of catering service with a wide choice of fresh, new, and creative as well as traditional menu to capture the distinct taste of our clients with unique and personalized service that is organized, timely, client-focused, flexible and yet affordable


To become a well-known and steadfast powerhouse as a catering service provider in the food-service industry that is well-celebrated by our patrons.

What Drives Us


Job opportunities to our community.


To provide service in every event and occasion that is client-focused and personalized to the likings of the client.


To provide always new, fresh, quality, and safe food products that is bold and distinct to the taste of our client.


To become the premier choice for all sorts of events and occasions, either business or personal in nature, even for small or large clientele.


To make our service at the most affordable conceivably to cater clients from all walks of life.


To incorporate event management research and development functions in the company in the first three years.


To consistently attain a steady capital rise to maintain the growth of the business in order to provide the full extent of service the business can possibly offer.


To become a company founded by values and principles directed for excellence and seen as a role model by others.


To employ and empower the unemployed youth in our country in permanent and temporary positions.



& Any other South African Province
(special arrangement, minimum 100 people, max 1000).

Our Clients

We cater for individuals, small and big companies, corporations, government, private.

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